Salona 380

There are some new features and highlights that we at Yacht-Match are very excited about:

  • Cruiser/racer with exiting sailing characteristics
  • Light displacement vacuum infused epoxy based vinyl ester sandwich hull and deck
  • Strong and stiff structure with stainless steel grid that connects the keel, with the mast and the shrouds, sharing the load of the rig evenly trough out the hull.
  • The grid combined with the vacuum infused hull makes the Salona 380 one of the stiffest production boats in the market with an amazing upwind performance
  • Well dimensioned deck hardware
  • Main with German sheeting system
  • Comfortable and high quality finished interior
  • Easy access to front cabin because of double doors
  • Experience Cruising and Performance – perfect match for charter ownership and convertible to private use for sailing enthusiast!
  • Part of dedicated cruising performance operator at one of the top marinas and destinations in Croatia.
  • Also available for the full Yacht-Match catalogue of top charter operators
    worldwide – Start your Yacht-Match to get know your
    favourite operator!
  • Available for Full Financing with fixed 10% return per
  • Part-Financing in Croatia: pay only 45%, the rest is financed
    by the charter operator.
  • Member of the Yacht-Match Club – enjoy top sailing destinations
    around the world.

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