The Best Sailing Charter Destinations

A select group of highly services orientated charter companies worldwide.



What is Boutique Yacht Charter?

Yacht-Match forms an exclusive partnership with a few of the premier charter operators in the world, whom in turn represent what we qualify as Boutique Charter Operators – where the bywords are personal service & outstanding yacht maintenance.

How does Yacht-Match qualify the charter operator?

Yacht-Match forms exclusive partnership with a few selected yacht charter operators worldwide whom offer superior services and matches the qualifications and requirements set by Yacht-Match Partnership Standards.

These standards and prerequisite are a mix of qualifying attributes, operational standards, market reviews and feedback. We work in partnership with the leading charter booing systems to track and review customer experience, together with peer-industry reviews of the operators that we examine.

With more than 20 years combined experience within the leisure marine industry and the charter industry, we have ample insight and specialised skills sets towards the market, and profound insight that we offer our investors and partners a like.


What is Try-and-Buy?

We are experienced matchmakers and offer you a unique service with our TRY-and-BUY concept with our preferred network of top niche boutique yacht charter operators.

We understand that there is a lot to consider in your planning phase to buy and invest in a yacht for charter management.

That is why, as part of the Yacht-Match, we offer you the best introduction possible to your new lifestyle, by arranging a charter week with your chosen yacht and the operator that we have matched for your preferences.

Our assignment and intention is to equip the Investor with adequate comprehension of the offers and its limitations and benefits over time, so to make the Investor an informed decision maker.

We offer a variation of references which aid the investor in their decision making and enable them to identify themselves and create familiarity.

Through Yacht-Match you will gain the same hind-sight that a second or third-time investor has gained from his yacht ownership.

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