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Cannes 2018 Summary

Yacht-Match Co-founder Dirk Agter´s view on the latest and most exciting news from the Cannes Yachting Festival 2018!

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1. Bavaria Yachts News
One of the biggest questions in the yachting market was, what will happen to Bavaria Yachts? During the Cannes Yachting Festival, the white smoke came out in Giebelstadt. It was not a competing yard which had taken over Bavaria Yachts, it was also not an Italian Yard, some said the Feretti Group, that had stepped in, no it is a German investing fund which saved the brand, the 500+ employee, many clients, dealers and suppliers. Will there be a change in the model line? Much details have not been revealed, but all signs seem to be on green again for what arguably is the most sophisticated yard in the world. Let’s see how the market will react and if Bavaria will be given a well-deserved second chance. To be kept up to date about the latest news in the boating business related to charter management you can subscribe to the Yacht-Match newsletter and write “Bavaria” in the comment box if you like.
2. Beneteau Oceanis 46.1
The French ship yard Beneteau is in my opinion now the frontrunner in the 40-50’ sailing boat market. The introduced last season the Oceanis 51.1 and based on the same concept Beneteau now builds the 46.1. A wide yacht, on deck level from 1/3 of the bow remarkably wide until the stern. A wide stern is not that unusual, except for Hanse they still persists in narrower sterns then the total width, most French brands use “wide-body”hulls. Beneteau say they found a solution how to let such a voluminous bow not stand in the way of good light wind and on-wind sailing capacities. I invite you to check that during a sea-trial in October, let me know if you are interested. The advantage of so much volume is a wide front cabin and ditto aft cabins. I find the level of finish at this moment best of class. Enlist for the sea trials this autumn in Spain by subscribing to the Yacht-Match newsletter with the latest about charter yacht management and business news, don’t forget to mention “Beneteau sea-trials” in the comment box.
3. Dufour 48 Catamaran
The long awaited Dufour 48 catamaran didn’t disappoint me. Maybe the shipyard was a bit dissatisfied with hull nr.1, I don’t know, but there was unfortunately no party atmosphere at the stand right in the middle of the boat show. The presentation was not at par with the exiting Felci design. In my opinion Dufour stroke another chord with the large flybridge with good walking flow, this easy access is to be found inside too. The clever room division offers a saloon area where you don’t feel sitting in the kitchen. And the galley has ample room to cook decent meals. The starboard hull can be entered through two entrances and had in this version even three(!) cabins. The owner’s cabin at port side really convinced me in terms of storage space and lockers. The level of finish was not yet on Dufour level, but you can’t blame the yard for that since it is the first hull. The project manager rushed to say that the list with comments and advises will be changed in hull number one and incorporated in the production of the next hulls. If you look for a catamaran in the 46-48’ range, you should seriously consider this sporty looking Dufour 48 catamaran. Do you want to be informed about the developments in the multihull world? Subscribe to the Yacht-Match newsletter and write “multihulls” in the comment box.
4. Eleva
Last year she caught my eye, this year with a new FIFTY the Italian noble ship yard surpassed herself in the level of finish. The Eleva ship yard, based at the Adriatic side, is a respected subcontractor for some big well-known Italian motor yacht brands and is since a few years in the market with her own highly customisable FIFTY. For Eleva only the best production methods are good enough, without using them as gimmicks. This vinylester yachts have carbon reinforcement where needed, they are built in state-of-the-art vacuum technique and are fitted out with an interior finish I haven’t seen before. Fast underwater shape, appealing design of hull and hull windows, a striking deck sheer line and beautiful designed superstructure with negative lip at the front make this Italian beauty a head-turner. Soon we will publish more information. If you want to be informed as one of the firsts about yacht management and Eleva in particular, sign up for the Yacht-Match newsletter today and don’t forget to mention “Eleva”in the comment box.
5. Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 410
We had the opportunity to visit and compare all three Sun Odyssey’s with sloping side decks, the 490, 440 and the new 410 and I must admit it’s only on the Sun Odyssey 490 I find the concept convincing. There has been written a lot about the 440 and 490 that’s why I will focus on the 41-footer. Sloping decks next to the cockpit are wide enough to walk comfortably to the bow, the side stays are unfortunately attached to one chain plate on the hull side which make obstruct the passage a bit. The interior layout I like much more than that on the 440, where at the 440 if you sit in the starboard U-sofa you look against the wall of the front cabin heads, you’d have a much nicer view in the 410 where apposite of the U-sofa you’d find the “chaise-longue” annex navigation seat. The finish of these current Sun Odyssey models is not as nice as their competition, I find it rather boring. Remains that the Sun Odyssey 410 is a roomy yacht, with for charter an ideal layout out with two heads and a diagonal bed in the front. Want to know more about how yacht charter management can enhance your ownership experience? Subscribe to the Yacht-Match newsletter with “Jeanneau” in the comment box and receive regular relevant information about charter ownership.
6. Neel 51/47
Lot’s of yachties I speak don’t like multihulls and especially the catamarans since most sailors don’t really know trimarans, well maybe they do know about the wild beasts sailing in record speed around the world, such as the 98ft MACIF, but not as a sailing cruiser and that’s just what the Neel Yard builds. In Cannes the Presented the Neel 51 and showed those who were interested the brand-new project Neel 47 on paper. Later I’ll write about that innovative well thought out three-legged concept, today I would like to ask monohull lovers who are looking for more comfort while sailing but without losing that sailing feeling to consider the Neel trimarans. Next to being a roomy live-on-board, with the owners cabin on deck level(!), Eric Bruneel designed together with naval architect Joubert Nivelt an intelligent set up for the floats (side hulls). They nearly touch the sea surface when the Neel is at anchor, but as soon as you sail the upwind float will come out of the water which gives you an incredible sailing experience under a limited heel. Yacht-Match will also take the Neel trimarans into account when advising you for the best boat/charter management program. Want to be informed about the developments at Neel, like to hear our unbiased thoughts and want to receive the latest charter ownership news? Subscribe to our newsletter with “Neel” in the comment box.
7. Outremer 51
We all have our favourites when we walk over the pontoons of a boat show such as the Cannes Yachting Festival, Viktor my colleague and co-founder of Yacht-Match, has a thing for the Outremer 51 sportive catamaran and I must admit this new design from the yard in La Grande Motte, indeed exactly there where annually the Multihull show is held, does appeal to me too. She is purposely built to go fast with her narrow bows, aft placed nacelle, sleek coach roof lines, dagger boards and swivelling mast, high freeboard and a choice from four steering positions. Two tillers and two steering wheels! You have all lines at hand in the cockpit, your trimming efforts supported by proper sized winches. She must be a delight to sail and will give her owner many miles of smiles while doing so. Inside you can see the year in year out improvement of the quality the yard conducts. I found the level of finish the highest of all the Outremer cats I’ve seen before and that’s a real compliment. Outremer catamarans are semi-custom-made-fast-yachts and if the normal 51 is not fast enough you can always choose for one of the X-series with lot more canvas and effective carbon pieces. For those who consider buying a yacht and want to sail long passages but won’t have the time for that right now, the Yacht-Match explorer program might well be the way to go forward with you purchase plans. Want to know more? Subscribe to the Yacht-Match newsletter and write “Outremer” in the comment box today!
8. XCS
Dictionary explanation of Excess:
1. an amount of something that is more than necessary, permitted, or desirable.
2. lack of moderation, especially in eating or drinking.

Excess is also the new brand of CNB / Lagoon and introduced to the dealer network and the press during the Cannes boat show. Unfortunately, we didn’t receive much information only then some teaser marketing snippets. What we can tell you about this new line of catamarans is that it is presented as a bit more sportive then the Lagoon range. Based on the first renderings the XCS is remarkably similar to the Lagoon silhouette. The first model seems to have two steering positions in the back of the boat, like Nautitech and will not be ready before the 2019 autumn boat shows, probably Cannes Yachting Festival will get the premiere. Yacht-Match will be aable to inform you first about the news in the catamaran world and especially about the XCS, you only have to subscribe to the Yacht-Match newsletter with “XCS” in the comment box.
9. Fountain Pajot 67
The new Fountain Pajot 67 catamaran has become a name, it’s the Alegria 67. A large platform for sure but within the limitations the concept of a cruiser catamaran dictates the new flagship of the Fountain Pajot range of cruising cats is pleasant to the eye and even elegant in her design. The demand for visiting the yacht was so high and the restrictions the yard set in place to avoid overcrowding the catamaran meant the Yacht-Match time was not able to visit her on board and our first impression is only based on what we saw on the outside and the information the yard has provides thus far. The slightly negative angled bows, her high topsides, elegant hull windows and distinctive coach roof make her an unmistakably part of the Fountaine Pajot family. The interior layout options are numerous. Large owner cabin, with entrance from the front cockpit, in the starboard hull, well-appointed galley in the centre of the port hull or if you go for the charter version with up to six equally sized cabins the L-shaped galley will be in the saloon. The fly-bridge is impressive with the two steering positions and different of seating and sunbathing areas. Soon we will have more news about the “Happiness”67. If you want to be kept informed about large yacht charter management, subscribe to the Yacht-Match newsletter mentioning “Alegria” in the comment box.
10. X-Yachts
Some brands in the boating business are just iconic, X-Yachts is one of them. This Danish shipyard has survived many downturns in the past and has now under new management set the course for the future. Their values are high build quality, safe construction, rewarding sailing characteristics in a comfortable hull. We spoke with the sales manager of X-yachts and he told us he recognised the charter market to be a growing market also for a brand like X-yachts. To make sure the brand values are kept upright also when a X-yacht is managed in a charter program the yard is very picky in choosing the right operator. Yacht-Match offers exactly that business intelligence to shipyards and yacht buyers to match their goals with the right charter operator. Yacht-Match and X-yachts will proceed with the informative talks about how Yacht-Match can support the X-yachts dealer network and service presumptive X-yacht buyers with tailormade charter management programs. Do you want to know how Yacht-Match can help you with their consultancy? Subscribe to the Yacht-Match newsletter and write “X-yachts” in the comment box now!

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Cannes yachting Festival

Yacht-Match´s CEO Viktor van Savooyen and Co-Founder Dirk Agter will be on place at Cannes Yachting festival and will be available on appointment for a personal introduction of the Yacht-Match concept! Make sure to follow their journey and let us guide you to the best yachts and deals the Festival has to offer!

Cannes Day 5

NEEL 51 Trimaran

The impressive NEEL 51, interested in a tailor made yacht charter ownership, do not heisitade to contact us!

Cannes Day 4

Jeaneau Sun Odyssey 410 World Premier!

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Dufour 48 Catamaran World Premier!

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Cannes Day 2

Beneteau Oceanis 46.1 World Premier!

Yacht-Match attended the highly anticipated world-premiere of this +45ft yacht and it will be the perfect fit between the OC41.1 and the award winning OC 51.1. Yacht-Match are proud to have secured three (3) slots for delivery in 2019!

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