We offer our partners a dedicated sales-partnership with a team of specialists working autonomously to push and pull offers on the international market to increase their new yacht sales, broker used yachts and reach key target markets worldwide, without compromising the focus off their core business.


Yacht-Match aims to bridge the gap between yacht investors and qualified boutique charter operators. To increase the yacht sales close cooperation with financial companies and shipyards is imminent. Our goal can only be achieved together with all our partners, who will have huge benefits from their partnership. Yacht-Match partners such as charter operators, financial institutes and shipyards will experience higher turnover without extra investment.

Want to know more about becoming a partner?

Please contact us at info@yacht-match.se


Are you a charter operator? Your top 3 benefits will be:


· Regular renewal of your fleet

· More time to focus on your core business

· More satisfied customers

Are you representing a shipyard? The top 3 benefits are:


· Increased turnover

· Easier sales management

· New markets

Are you representing a financial company? The top 3 benefits are:


· Increased sales

· Shorter sales process

· Better understanding of the market

Interested how to become a selected Yacht-Match partner?