Tailor made yacht charter Ownership

Who are Yacht-Match?

We are your unbiased and professional purchase guidance in acquiring a tailor-made yacht charter ownership.

We offer you a wide range of sailing yachts, catamarans and motor boats from the renowned yards in which we tailor to an optimal charter ownership with your preferences in mind.


What do we offer?

Tailored Yacht Charter Ownership by Yacht-Match grants you the luxury of owning your favourite yacht without the hassle of traditional yacht ownership. 

Enjoy your yacht without worrying about the costs of the insurance, mooring, spare parts, maintenance and receive an annual kick-back or finance the yacht from the charter income. 

We guide you through the entire purchasing process and open the market for, so you get a wider perspective and become equipped with our unique comparison tools and financing options with the best deals on the market.

What makes us unique?

We form an exclusive partnership with a select few of the premier charter operators in the most sought after sailing areas in the world with +62 marinas and +700 yachts in management. Unlock the Market – receive a personal purchaser: You will gain access to the best deals and become equipped with the best comparison tools and financing options. We enlighten you by being your unbiased and professional consultant, unveiling the true potential of a tailor-made charter ownership. You will become informed and empowered to make the best decision and your lifestyle investment come through!


Yachts available in our charter program



Bases worldwide



Years of experience from the industry



Worldwide offices, Sweden, Holland, US

Unlock the Market!

As premier advisors on the international yacht sales market, you will receive an unbiased and professional broker for choosing the right yacht and comparing the options on the market.

We will help you gain access to the best deals and offers on the international yacht market!

Sail in warm waters!

We are proud to present our world wide destinations in the most sought after sailing areas with +62 marinas, offering +700 yachts in yacht charter management. Yacht-Match has purposely formed exclusive partnerships with the top-rated charter operators in the world. Each offer a niche quality and superior service in their region.

Events / Sea Trails

Meet us at selected boat shows and events and let us tell you more about the Yacht-Match concept!

We also arrange VIP Sea Trials with your favorite yachts, contact us for more information!

– Your personal guide and expert in the charter management market